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Nokia Lumia 900 is still on Its Way to AT&T’s Customers


It seems that I have covered too many LTE devices in recent weeks. But it doesn’t stop me to cover more and more devices in this new emerging technology category. Have you heard Nokia Lumia 900? This windows-based LTE smartphone was introduced by Nokia at CES 2012 in mid January earlier this year. Yes it’s been 3 months but it’s still on its way to AT&T, I mean it’s still in pre-order stage.

Nokia Lumia 900 is designed to be the Nokia’s first Windows Phone-based smartphone that supports LTE netwrok. Featuring a 4.3-inch AMOLED display, the Lumia 900 will stand among the most advanced smartphones in the market. Available in matte black and cyan, this high-end smartphone is equipped with 8MP camera with dual LED flash and HD video capability.

Windows phone is still in early stage to fight the big players like iPhone and Android, and the collaboration between Microsoft and Nokia looks promising. We know that Microsoft has a good history in playing such battle. Take a look at how Windows dominate the PC market beating the Mac OS, but I think it’s different story, in the world of mobile OS, it seems that Android has already played the role. Who knows? Let’s see how the market will respond to Nokia Lumia 900 and other Windows phone in coming years.

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